Student & Graduate

From uni mishaps to graduate careers advice, I’ve written for a range of student-savvy websites including The Daily Touch, MilkroundMilkround and How To Do It Student Style.

The Daily Touch

DT-Logo-PublishedRecently ripped from the university bubble? There there. I know it hurts. But you will get over your phase of all-night benders, gifted freebies and surviving on super noodles. And if you’re struggling to accept that you can’t get student discount anymore (that ones a real tear-jerker), then these tongue-in-cheek articles will help you see the funny side of your graduate status.

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How To Do It Student Style

How To Do It Student Style – Lessons learnt by a failing Fresher.University; a powerful cocktail of reading lists, all-nighters, social mishaps and culinary disasters. Whoever told you it would be easy, lied.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid the student blunders faced by many the unsuspecting undergrad. Introducing ‘How To Do It Student Style’ – a collaborative blog run by a failing fresher (those 9:00am starts are a killer) and a university veteran (yes, she survived the whole ordeal with her liver fairly in tact). It’s got everything you need to know to get through Freshers without making a total t*t of yourself, so you should probs check it out.

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