Top Fashion Confessions

‘Fessing up on the biggest fashion fails with Simply Be.


Okay we admit it; it can be kinda tricky being a fierce fashionista 100% of the time. Sometimes, we let things slip, whether it’s that glass of wine we spilt all over our bezzie’s fave top or that swipe of red lippy that went a bit too far on a night out. We all have the occasional hiccup (despite how pristine our instagram account may look).

So, to celebrate national confessions day, the Simply Be girls are fessing up on our biggest fashion fails and secrets. Listen up ladies, these are our confessions…



Tori – Looking boob-iful

“Take it from a fellow verging-on-flat-chested gal, the secret to a busty cleavage isn’t chicken fillets or push-up bras; it’s socks. (Yep, you heard it here first ladies). Many the time have I rolled up some trainer socks and popped them in my bra before a night out, and boy does it work. Just make sure you don’t loose any of your new assets – a drunken outfit readjustment once saw me spend an entire night-out looking bizarrely lopsided. Needless to say, I’m no longer tagged in those photos.”



Rachel – Denim to dye for

“Distressed jeans – they were the 90’s must-have that everyone wanted, but few girls actually owned. I was one of the not so lucky few, so in protest of my mum’s refusal to buy me some, I decided to make my own (take that stingy pocket money allowance!) However, after giving my jeans a light spraying of bleach, I forgot the most crucial step of the DIY process – washing the bleach off. After a couple of hours, my jeans were more than ‘distressed’; they were actually disintegrating as I wore them. By the time I got back from my friend’s house, they had practically turned into denim knickers. Not a good look, even for the 90s!”



Sarah – Big hair, don’t care

“When I go on a night out, my hair is the envy of all my friends and I’m always complimented on it. It’s blonde, long, shiny, full of volume and curls that stay put all night. Oh and it only takes me 5 minutes to do as well…yeah I know you’re getting jealous. But wait. That’s because it’s a one piece synthetic clip in hair extension! But you’d never know! While my friends are taking hours trying to get perfect hair, mine looks perfect in an instant.”

 hair flick

Justine – Spotlight brights

“I always find speedy outfit changes a bit of a tricky business – go from desk to dancefloor in a couple of minutes? No chance. So, when my friend suggested that we hit the bars after work, I was amazed that I managed to pull off a quick outfit upgrade with just a change of my top and accessories. I felt pretty chuffed with myself and was confidently strutting about the club – until I got under the UV spotlight  and realised that my pink underwear was glowing fluorescent-shades of god-knows-what from under my white top. (Yup, I made the rookie error of forgetting to coordinate my underwear). Having clashing luminous undies is a hard one to style out, so the lesson: always check your underwear!”



Kate – Fresh bangers

“I’d like to pretend that my fashion crime is down to all the impromptu social events I am invited to, but often it is really just laziness! If I can’t be bothered to wash my hair for an outing, I’ll hop in the shower, just wash my fringe, dry that and I’m good to go!”

 zooey_fringe_ (1)

Chloe – A not-so sticky mess…

“On a recent night out, instead of using double sided tape to keep my dress in place and protect my modesty, I used normal Sellotape and doubled it up. Needless to say, this homemade method of crafting double sided tape did not work and the night was spent with my hands firmly glued to my chest.”


Cil – A short-cut to tan-tastic

“I’m a firm believer that everyone looks better with a tan, that’s why I always factor in a quick fake tanning sesh before any big occasions. But for those days when I’m a little pushed for time, I’m not averse to cutting corners – I mean, why tan your whole body when only part of it is on show?! That’s why if I’m wearing a cut-out dress, I only tan the parts of my body that you can see. I might look like a bit of a leopard to my boyfriend, but hey… at least everyone else thinks I’ve got a gorgeous all-over tan!”


Meg – Daring to double-up

“I’ve always been super self-conscious about being flat chested, but when I’m on a night out I want to feel confident with my girlfriends and enjoying drinking far too many cocktails. So on said nights out, if I’m wearing anything that’s slightly revealing, I have been known to wear not one padded push-up bra…but two! Totally embarrassing and 100% true – just don’t tell anyone!”


Jenna – Tighten up

“I always find tights a total pain in the arse – why do they never stay up? I’m always paranoid that that weird gusset bit hangs down from the bottom of my skirt, so I’ve come up with a solution; wearing an extra pair of knickers over your tights. Yes, it’s more effort going to the toilet, but you don’t have to spend every 20 mintues yanking your tights up, so it deffs has it’s benefits.”


It’s time to fess up girls! What are your biggest fashion confessions?!

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