15 Need-To-Know Hacks To Up Your Beauty Game

Rather hit snooze than spend an extra ten mins getting ready? We hear ya sista. These quick-fix tips are perf for your lazy girl beauty regime.

1. Prime your pout with foundation to make that lippy last longer. 



2. Made a mess? A cotton bud dipped in moisturizer is perf for cleaning those smudgy eyes right up.


3. Give your lash a blast by heating your eyelash curler for a few seconds before you use it. 


4. Add a pea-sized dash of baby oil to your locks before you head out to seal in moisture.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

5. For a sharper look, pop your eye-liner pencil into the freezer 10 minutes before you use it. This will stop it from crumbling when you use it and keep your eyes looking mighty fiiine.


6. Run out of shaving gel, but need to do a speedy once-over? No worries. Use some hair conditioner instead.

EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid seen wearing a black coat with black leather sleeves in New York City

7. Dry shampoo is the saving grace of unwashed hair, but if your bottle runs dry (gah!) then a shake of talcum powder and a spritz of your fave perfume will sort you right out.


8. Woke up with the mother of all bedheads? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Tame that mangled mane by spraying a round brush with hairspray and working it through your locks. 


9. Vaseline is a top beauty secret – use it as lipglosss, a glistening eye cream or splash it on your lashes for a dewy effect. A-maze-ing.


10. Olive oil is also a sneaky beauty fix – use it on frizzy, frazzled curly hair or slap it on your feet for intense moisturization. Larvly jabbly.

5 Top Celebrity Hair Tips_1

11. Try the latest beauty trend, strobing, without investing in a whole new make-up kit – just use a dab of your neutral lipgloss as a highlighter on your cheeks.


12. Use a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel to dry wet hair – tees dry hair quicker and with less damage to your locks.


14. Prep your eyelids for a swipe of colour by first covering them in a layer of your concealer to help the colour stick.


15. To fake gorgeous glowing skin, mix one part foundation with one part liquid highlighter. 


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