Discovering the road ahead: a palm reading in Udaipur, India

Just ten days into my trip around India and I was already feeling like a pro backpacker. My hair was braided, my makeup bag neglected and my wardrobe made up entirely of various elephant-printed ensembles that I’d sourced at the local market. My friends and I paraded around town, unperplexed by the vibrant sights and smells that often catch newbies to India off-guard. After all, we’d been here a whole ten days, man. Yup, by this point I was well and truly turning into a total ‘Gap Yah’ gal (for those unfamiliar with this all-too-common breed of backpacker, you can enlighten yourself with this video here).

“Let’s get our palms read…” My friend suggested. We had just got ourselves adorned up to the eyeballs in henna and junked up on Chai Masala tea. So we were already feeling pretty cultural.

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Top Fashion Confessions

‘Fessing up on the biggest fashion fails with Simply Be.


Okay we admit it; it can be kinda tricky being a fierce fashionista 100% of the time. Sometimes, we let things slip, whether it’s that glass of wine we spilt all over our bezzie’s fave top or that swipe of red lippy that went a bit too far on a night out. We all have the occasional hiccup (despite how pristine our instagram account may look).

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